An outdoor service held on a warm, sunny spring day by the Wolmyeongdong Church

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Translation :Red Wings



We could feel that spring had reached its peak when we saw the Wolmyeongdong Natural Temple turning green. The cherry blossoms bloomed to the fullest and fluttered under the sunlight shining upon the Natural Temple.

Spring even dawned upon the trees, which were struggling against the cold only a few days ago.


The spring weather soothed our hearts with its warmth and pure energy. Welcoming the spring season, the Wolmyeongdong church held an outdoor service at the Natural Temple on 10 April 2016.

People felt rejuvenated at the sight of the cherry blossoms in bloom and the spring season. They yearned to give glory to the Holy Trinity, who gave this wonderful nature. The members of Wolmyeongdong Church and members from other regions joined together to hold this outdoor service.


On that day, Pastor Jung Myeong Seok delivered a sermon titled, “The relationship of love throughout everyday life”. The sermon was about living a life in which our thoughts are united with the Trinity and the Lord’s thoughts, and we love and communicate with Them at every moment of our everyday life, without forgetting them. In the course of hearing this sermon, the listeners were determined to become people who engage in love with the Trinity throughout their daily life.

At the end of the service, everyone sang praise songs and gave glory to the Trinity. Thus, the service came to a close with fiery worship.




월명동 자연성전이 녹색빛을 띄기 시작하는 걸 보니 봄이 절정에 다다랐음을 느낀다. 월명동 자연성전 볕이 잘 드는 곳에 위치한 벚꽃들은 만개하여 흩날리기 시작한다.

며칠 전까지 추위와 싸우느라 힘겨워 보이기만 했던 가지들은 어느새 봄을 담아가고 있었나 보다.


따뜻하고 맑은 기운으로 마음까지 여유롭게 만드는 봄을 맞이하여 월명동 교회는 지난 10일 오랜만에 자연성전에서 야외 예배를 가졌다.

만개한 벚꽃과 봄을 느끼며 아름다운 자연을 주신 성삼위께 영광 돌리고자 타지역 교인들도 이 날 야외 예배에 함께 했다.


정명석 목사가 “매일 ‘삶 속’에서 ‘생활 속’에서 삼위의 생각과 일체 되어 매순간 잊지 않고 하나님을 사랑하고 교통하며 사는 삶이 <생활의 사랑의 관계>입니다.”라고 전하는 말씀을 들으며 ‘생활의 사랑’을 하는 자가 되고자 결단하는 시간이 되었다.

야외 예배를 마친 후 모든 성도들은 찬양으로 하늘 앞에 영광 돌리며 찬양의 한마당을 만들며 행사를 마무리 했다.


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