[Sermons of Pastor Jung Myeong Seok] Pruning the pine trees in the Natural Temple is like the process of losing weight.
Translation : 라기愛

 [Pastor Jung Myeong Seok]


Pruning the pine trees in the Natural Temple is 

like the process of losing weight. 

That is why their trunks and sizes become bigger in a short time.

Like one would prune a tree, 

people should also lose their words that are like thick leaves

and put more weight on taking action.

Then the size of their merits will increase.

 [정명석 목사의 한줄멘토]


<자연성전의 소나무들>은 체중 감량하듯 ‘가지치기’를 해 주었다. 

고로 ‘기둥과 덩치’가 빨리 커진 것이다.

<사람>도 ‘나뭇잎같이 무성한 말’을 가지 치듯 감량시키고, 

‘실천 쪽’에 무게를 두면 ‘공적의 덩치’가 커진다. 

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