[Treasures of Spirit of Pastor Jung Myeong Seok] Find Your Door
Translation : 최재경




There is no house that doesn't have a door. 

Where is the door that you are looking for? 


You said you found the door…

but the door is locked?

Do not be disappointed. 

But try it like this~

 “Lord, I am here~ Please open the door~”

The Lord, too, was waiting for your call. 

There is no house that doesn't have a door, so you, find the door. 

Even though it is locked, the shepherd is always behind the door to open it,

as soon as he hears his sheep’s voice. 




문이 없는 집은 없습니다.

당신이 찾는 문은 어디 있나요?


문은 찾았는데...

잠겨 있다구요?


실망하지 마세요.

그리고 이렇게 해보세요~


"주님, 저 왔어요~ 문 좀 열어주세요~"


주님도 당신의 목소리를 기다리셨습니다.


문이 없는 집이 없나니 너는 문을 찾으라.

잠겨있을지라도 목자는 항상 양의 음성을 득고

곧 열어주기 위해 문 뒤에 있느니라.

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