[Treasures of Spirit of Pastor Jung Myeong Seok] About the Evergreen Yew Tree
Translation : Red Wings

[Treasure of spirit by Pastor Jung Myeong Seok]

The evergreen yew tree

continually overcomes the weaknesses and limitations 

that it innately possesses.

Through doing so, its level of vitality increases which enables it 

to live for a tremendous period of time.

In fact, this type of tree lives for so long that people have developed a saying 

that it lives for a thousand years and lives for another thousand years even after it dies.


It is a tree that has a big trunk but has thin and weak roots…

It is a tree that even has to hold onto any branches that have already died...

At a glance it looks like it will die soon,

however, because this tree struggles to stay alive no matter what,

its level of vitality continually increases.

Therefore, a saying was developed about the evergreen yew tree 

that it lives for a thousand years and then lives for another thousand years even after it dies.

People have faith that yew trees will live a long time

because even though they grow slowly, they grow consistently!

The struggles that the tree has to overcome and the effort that it must put in are

due to the weaknesses and limitations that the tree innately possesses.

However, this may be the key source of power that enables its level of vitality to increase.


커다란 몸에 비해 뿌리는 가늘고 약한 나무
제 몸의 죽은 부분까지 고스란히 안고 가야하는 나무
얼마 못살고 죽겠다 싶지만,
이 나무는 어떻게든 살아보려고 애써서인지
생명력이 강해져 살아서 천년, 죽어서 천년을 산다고 한다.
더디지만 꾸준히 자라 믿음을 주는 상록수 주목!!
타고난 자신의 약점과 한계
그것을 극복하려는 몸부림과 노력이
오히려 인생의 생명력을 강하게 하는 힘이 아닐까...

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