Texas! Giving Glory to God Through Sports

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"Soccer of Peace and Love"

After a month of intense winter, the weather forecast for January 12, 2014 predicted the perfect weather to play outdoor sports. Grabbing the opportunity, the members of Eagle Church in Houston, Texas, decided to give glory to God, Holy Spirit, and Holy Son through playing soccer.

The soccer afternoon started with a prayer, a couple laps around the field to warm up, and stretching exercises. After they were ready to play, the challenge was to make two teams that were even (at the same level), so for that they played “rock, paper, scissors” between two people who were at the same or at similar skill level. Finally, with prepared bodies, even teams, and warm hearts, the game begun.


  Each team shouted aloud their motto for the game.

The game consisted of four quarters of 10 minutes each. Although both teams were pushing themselves to the limit, and were very competitive, the kind of soccer they played was very different from regular soccer. They played “soccer of peace and love,” a soccer that is merely focused on giving glory to the Trinity, a soccer in which each team respects its opponent, a soccer without tackling, tripping, or hurting each other, a soccer in which the ball was touched not only by the better players, but by whoever was in the field. This is the soccer of peace and love, a soccer in which loving is the core, a soccer in which peace is the core.

The game, which lasted 1 hour, including breaks, was very exciting and close as both teams gave their very best to win. Amazingly, both teams scored 7 goals each, for a final score of 7-7.



Through the picture-perfect weather and the blessing of not having even one mishap throughout the game, the Trinity showed Houston Eagles how much they are loved. Additionally, through playing with their life on the line, loving each other while playing, and thanking the Lord every time a Lord was scored, yelling, “Thank you, Lord,” Eagle church members showed the Trinity how much they love Them, too. Truly this was a Sunday when Heaven and earth came together for a Soccer of Peace and Love.

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