Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the land of many lovers

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The name the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, use for the nation’s largest city is Tāmaki Makaurau, which means ‘The Land Of Many Lovers’. The Lord’s Harmony church is working hard to make Auckland city the land of many lovers of the Lord! So, this year the church decided to celebrate the international day of love, Valentine’s Day, by going out to find more people to love the Lord.

This year, Valentine’s Day fell on the same day as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, which is the 15th Day of the Chinese New Year celebrations and the day of the Lantern festival. Similar to European tradition, on this day the Chinese celebrate love between couples, but also, the Chinese celebrate by matchmaking those who are yet to find someone to love. The members of the Lord’s Harmony Church also went out to do some matchmaking – they went out to match people with the Lord!



The local Lantern Festival was held in Albert Park, not far from church. It was overflowing with people – a golden fishing ground! So the members of The Lord Harmony Church went there to evangelise and catch lives. 



The church also celebrated Valentine’s Day by becoming the bodies of love of the Holy Son. The Holy Son has so much love for His brides but, as an invisible spirit, needs to work through a body in order to reveal His great love. So each person picked a name out of a hat and became someone’s ‘secret Valentine.’ The mission was to make that person feel the burning love of her true lover, the Holy Son. Therefore, on Valentine’s Day, using the bodies of the members of the Lord Harmony Church, the Holy Son gave His brides chocolates, bought them meals, sent them poems and much more! True, sincere, eternal love was burning brightly on Valentine’s Day in The Lord’s Harmony Church in Auckland! 

This year is the year of loving the Holy Son and, according to the Chinese zodiac, is also the year of the wooden horse. The year of the wooden horse is believed to be a romantic year and a good one for marriage and giving birth to children. We believe that in New Zealand and throughout the world 2014 will be a year of loving the Holy Son in a fiery way, holding a splendid wedding banquet and giving birth to many new lives!

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