The opening of the 6th Hope Tree Art Festival in Wolmyeongdong

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Translation :최재경



The grand opening of the 6th Hope Tree Art Festival by the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) happened on Children’s Day, which was May 5, 2015. The festival was opened for elementary school students.

During the opening ceremony, a message from Pastor Jung Myeong Seok was delivered: “What is most important for a human being is their mind and thoughts. You must make your mind and thoughts good and change the parts of your personality that lead you to becoming hot tempered and angry.” He also said that children are fruits that are good; hence, they must make themselves, become diligent, and be transformed.



Since the art festival was held for the elementary school students of CGM, all of them were eligible to register for the event. They were given the opportunity to create artworks of any style of the various places within Wolmyeongdong (WMD).

The theme for the artworks was the joy of rapture, and some of the artworks drawn by the participants included drawings of the Golden City, WMD, or their own lives giving joy and thanksgiving in different ways.

Other activities were prepared for the participants and families that attended the art festival in WMD, which included an art experience booth, the Milky Way Jazz dance team, a children’s cheer team, Seoul Choir, and many more. 



기독교복음선교회는 지난 5일 어린이날을 맞이하여 전국 초등학생 대상 ‘제 6회 희망나무 미술제’ 를 성자사랑의 집에서 개최했다.

개최식에서 정명석 목사는’ 사람에게 가장 중요한 것이 생각과 마음이나 착하게 만들어야 하며, 혈기내고 화내고 그런것을 고쳐야 한다.’ 라고 하며 어린이들은 좋은 열매와 같으니 다 고치고,부지런하고, 정신 번쩍 차리고 살아야 한다고 전했다.



미술제 참가대상은 전국 초등학생 전체 학년으로 기독교복음선교회 회원이면 누구나 신청 가능했다. 그림 그리는 장소는 월명동 어디서나 그릴 수 있었으며, 수채화. 수묵화 등 장르에 제한 없이 치러졌다.

주제는 ‘휴거의 기쁨과 감사’였으며, 천국 황금성, 월명동, 혹은 내 삶속에서 휴거의 기쁨과 감사를 담아 자신 만의 표현 방식으로 다양하게 창작하였다.

월명동 자연성전에서 열린 행사에는 대회 참가자들과 가족 동반 나들이객들을 위한 미술 체험과 은하수 째즈단, 어린이 치어, 서울 합창단 등 다채로운 행사도 마련되었다.

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