The closing of the 2015 Christian Gospel Mission Art Exhibition of put up the mast and sail has now ended.

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Translation :최재경


Providence Art exhibition had a grand opening on May 2nd, 2015 along with the Flower Queen Festival. It was open for a total of 16 days at the small conference room on the second floor of
the Holy Son’s House of Love. As such, the Exhibition ended on May 17th, 2015. The Exhibition displayed all the prize-recipient artworks, which were made under the theme of ‘put up the mast and sail.’  

Pastor Jung Myeong Seok gave a message this year [with the key point,]
“The Lord is the sail of life, the sail of hope and the sail of truth. If you put up the sail of the Lord as you sail on the ocean of life, your dreams will come true and you will find treasures, happiness, satisfaction, love, wisdom and fortune. Throughout your daily life, I commend you to put up the sail of the Lord at the center of your heart and thoughts, so that you will be victorious in life and live with ease and comfort.”

He suggested that we paint artworks according to the theme, “Put up the mast and sail” and have an exhibition for the artworks that are exemplary. He also told us that through the exhibition, we should evangelize lives.

Pastor Jung Myeong Seok personally designed the exhibition from the start to the end. He gave awards to the artworks that were displayed at the exhibition. This was the first art exhibition held by the Christian Gospel Mission. It was truly a festive celebration of the sail of Providence.  



There was a total of 255 participants and 261 artworks submitted. Of the 255 candidates, 186 were from Korea and 69 from other countries (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Phillippines, Viet Nam, Mongolia, United States, Canada, England and New Zealand). In total, 255 participants, a few were art graduates, while most were people who have not studied art. The ages of the participants ranged from junior high school students to people in their 60s.

Many members from both Korea and foreign countries showed interest and participated in the event. From the 261 artworks, 75 artworks (66 winners and 9 excellent works) were selected for display.

There were numerous stories behind the artworks that were submitted. One of these stories was about a member who won a prize after their love for Heaven was revived through drawing an artwork for the exhibition. Through receiving the prize, the member received the opportunity to visit Wolmyeongdong. Another story is of a Japanese member who painted the artwork with their mother, in order to evangelize her. As they were painting, their father came to be interested and carved a seal for them. Both parents attended the opening and award ceremony with the member. When the parents visited Wolmyeongdong for the first time, they were very moved by the love of the Trinity, and they gave thanks and glory to the Trinity.  

The core message, which we should never forget throughout this year, is “put up the mast and sail.” We give eternal thanksgiving and glory to the Trinity who allowed us to open this exhibition so that we would never forget this vital message, but would engrave it deeply in our minds and thus, rapture.


2015년 5월 2일, 꽃 여왕 축제와 함께 개막한 섭리미술대전은 5월 17일까지 16일간 월명동 성자사랑의 집 2층 소회의실에서 ‘돛을 달아라’ 공모전 입상작들을 전시하였다.

금년도 정명석 목사는 ‘주(主)는 ‘생명의 돛’이요, 희망의 돛, 진리의 돛입니다. 인생 바다를 항해할 때 ‘자기라는 배’에 ‘주의 돛’을 달아야 꿈이 이루어지고, 보화도 얻고, 행복도 얻고, 보람도 누리고, 사랑도 지혜도 운도 오게 됩니다. 그러니 <주(主)>라는 돛을 ‘마음과 생각의 중심’에 꽂고 ‘생활’에 꽂아 인생을 쉽게 편히 살고 승리하며 살기를 바랍니다.’ 라는 메세지가 담긴 ‘생명의 돛’이란 말씀을 전해주었다.

이에 월명동 자연성전에서 ‘돛을 달아라’라는 주제로 처음으로 섭리미술대전을 개최하였으며 , 섭리 돛 축제가 되었다.



작품을 낸 회원들은 한국 186명, 해외 12개국(일본,대만,홍콩,말레이시아,싱가폴,필리핀,베트남,몽골,미국,캐나다,영국,뉴질랜드) 69명으로 총 255명이 261점의 작품을 출품하였다. 출품자들 중에 미술 전공자도 있었지만, 대다수 회원들은 미술을 전공하지 않은 일반 회원들로 중고등학생부터 60대 장년층까지 다양한 계층이 지원하였다.

이처럼 많은 관심과 참여 속에 국내외 회원들의 회화 작품 75점(우수작 9점과 입선작 66점)이 입상하게 되었다.

이번에 그림을 출품한 자들 중에는 특별한 사연들이 많았는데, 눈에 띄는 사연 중에는 이번 공모전으로 그림을 출품하면서 하늘을 향한 사랑이 살아나고 입상도 하게 되어 먼 해외에서 월명동에 오게 된 자들도  있었다. 한 일본 회원은 어머니를 전도하기 위해 어머니와 함께 작품을 구상하고 그림을 그려서 출품하였는데, 아버지도 그림에 찍을 전각을 파준 것이 사연이 되어, 부모와 함께 월명동에서의 개막식과 시상식에 참석하였다. 월명동에 처음 방문한 일본 회원의 부모님은 성삼위의 사랑에 감동하여 감사와 영광을 돌리기도 하였다.

금년도 잊어서는 안 될 핵이 되는 말씀, “돛을 달아라”라는 말씀을 잊지 않고 뇌에 새기며 휴거되도록 미술대전을 개최해주신 성삼위께 무한한 감사와 영광을 드린다.

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