[Poems of inspiration by Pastor Jung Myeong-Seok] The Eternal Path
Translation : Red Wings


The path to Heaven and the earth:

Both cannot be traveled

As the path of life


Turn your back to the earth,

And certainly go

On the path to Heaven only,

The eternal path of life

With the Lord.

When blessings come,

It is like

Shade under a tree in the summer,

So rest briefly there

And surely travel

The eternal path of life

To Heaven.  

Then suddenly,

The Golden Gates

Will appear before you.

Once opened

And entered,

An ideal world awaits,

World of eternal love.


You must go.

<The Eternal Path by Pastor Jung Myeong Seok, Joeun Sori, November 2012>


 하늘과 땅의 길
 인생길 두 곳 향해
 안 가진다

 땅을 등지고
 영원한 생명길
 하늘 길만
 주와 같이
 가야 된다
 축복 주면
 여름철 나무 그늘같이
 잠깐씩 들어가 쉬었다
 하늘 영원한
 가야 한다
 그러다 보면
 황금 문이
 앞에 보인다
 그 문을 
 열고 들어가면
 영원한 사랑과
 이상의 세계다
 가야 한다

  <2012년 11월 조은소리 정명석 목사의 '영원한 길'>

Poems of inspiration by Pastor Jung Myeong-Seokⓒ
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