[Poems of inspiration by Pastor Jung Myeong-Seok] Whale and Shrimp
Translation : Red Wings




The whale’s shimjeong*,

A thatch of shrimp

Causes anxiety.

The whale,

With burning anxiety,


The sea water,


His burning heart.

And then, without a trace

The shrimp


(Translator’s note: Shimjeong is the Korean term meaning “deep heart.”)

<Whale and Shrimp by Pastor Jung Myung Seok, Joeun Sori, January 2012>



새우 떼들
 심정 태우고
 애간장을 태워
 속이 타서
 타는 속을
 새우 떼가
 온 데 간 데

<2012년 1월 조은소리 정명석 목사의 '고래 새우'>

Poems of inspiration by Pastor Jung Myeong-Seokⓒ
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